The Old Royal Court Museum

It is an open-air museum, located in the old city, on the site of the Old Royal Court ruins. It displays the traces of the former Voievodal Palace, that was the Walachian rulers Palace for more than 2 centuries.

The first brick citadel was constructed in the 14th century and later upgraded by Vlad the Impaler in 1458-1459, surrounding it with strong stone walls. It became the center of political and economical life of the city, attracting craftsman and merchants from all over Europe, that built, what we know today, as the old city of Bucharest.

The ruins represent the oldest monument of the medieval period in Bucharest and were “rediscovered” and refurbished in 1953-1972. Inside, visitors can see the basements built between the 14th to 19th century along with elements of the Turkish bath, architectural decorations and mural paintings along with the original geometry of the palace. Also, there are displays of ceramic items, tools, enameled tiles, stone and marble slabs, pots and water pipes.

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The Old Royal Court Museum
44.430010, 26.101713
Schedule: Mon – SunAddress: 22-31 Franceza StreetGet there by:Metro: M2 in Unirii Sq. or University Sq.Bus: 61,66, 69,70, 85, 90, 91, 92, 137, 138, 163, 336, 601 , The Sight seeing bus
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