Museum of Bucharest

If you want to find out more about the history of Bucharest and how the city developed from prehistoric times up to now, you should not miss the Museum of Bucharest.

Founded in 1921, it is now housed in the remarkable Sutu Palace, a neo-gothical masterpiece, built by one of the richest families in the city. The building itself worths to be visited, as it is beautifully decorated and preserved.

The museum’s collections are chronologically displayed, starting with the Archeological Hall. It contains prehistorical artifacts that prove this area was inhabited 150.000 ago, and later Dachian, Greek and Roman coins, ceramics and jewels.
The history of Bucharest as a city, starts in the medieval age and the Feudal Hall displays many items related to this bloody time. The most valuable items are the letter wrote by Vlad the Impaler (which is considered to be the first mention of Bucharest in a written text), the letter of Radu cel Frumos (the first mention of Bucharest as a Walachian capital) and the sword of Constantin Brancoveanu, one of the most successful princes in medieval Walachia.

The next two halls are taking care about more recent history: the time around 1859 when Bucharest becomes the capital of Romania (formed by the union between Walachia and Moldavia) and the city administration and development till 20th century.

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Museum of Bucharest
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Schedule: Wed – Sun, 10am – 6pmAddress: I.C. Bratianu Bld, nr.2Get there by:Metro: M1,M2 in Unirii Sq. Bus: 104,116,117,123,313,385, The Sight seeing
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