Other FAQ

Can you send me my Bucharest City Card by post?
No, the Bucharest City Card can only be picked up from our providers on the spot or it can be delivered to you but only in your Bucharest accomodation place. The delivery will be made in 24 hours.

How can I get the card if the hotel where I am staying doesn’t have the card?
You can ask them to contact us and we will bring the card or you can write us with 24 hours in advance in order to deliver your card there.
Still, the easiest and fastest solution for you to get the card very quickly is to come at one of the partner city tours. We would recommend the Guided-Bucharest Free walking tour for the beginning that is starting everyday, twice a day, at 10 AM and 6 PM in the Unirii Square, next to the clock. You will get an introduction to the city, find out more about how you can explore Bucharest at its best and get the Bucharest City Card for free.

How do I activate my Bucharest City Card?
You simply write down your name and the date of the 1st day of use and your card is considered valid for 3 days.

For how long is the Bucharest City Card valid?
The card is valid for 3 days starting with the date written on the card. The card is considering consecutive calendaristic days.

Where can I find a complete list of everything included with the Bucharest City Card?
The complete list for all the benefits of the city card is accesibile both online and offline. When you receive a Bucharest City Card you will also receive a city map with tourisitic attractions and information about all discounts included with the card. Also, more detailed information you can find on our site at the Discount Partners section or in the T&C section.

How do I claim my discounts?
For you to claim any of the discounts included with Bucharest City Card, simply show your valid card when you purchase your tickets or buy the products. Especially at restaurants or bars, pay attention to mentioning that you have a Bucharest City Card before you make the order.

Is the Bucharest City Card valuable for groups?
Bucharest City Card was designed mainly for individual users. You can order multiple City Cards for your group at the same time, but keep in mind that you will still be treated as individuals when you visit the museums and attractions that are included in the city card offer. Practically we will get the card discount but no other special benefit, specific to groups, will be cumulated with the existing offer. When planning to visit a museum or book a tour as a group, please inform the participating location/tour in advance when you plan to visit.

Is the Bucharest City Card valuable for students or seniors?
Bucharest City Card was designed for general travelers to enjoy discounts. Most of the museums offer allready special offers for special categories as students, children, seniors or disabled. For these locations, the Bucharest City Card can not cummulate it’s discount with other types of discounts. Still, the other benefits to shops, restaurants, bars and more attractions are providing considerable saving. And this set of benefits is free!

Is public transportation included in this card?
Bucharest City Card is launched as a completly free of charge service. It offer discounts to partners, but it does not support the transportation fees for this edition.

If I would like to share my experience with Bucharest City Card or submit a complaint, who can I contact ?
We really appreciate and love to receive feedback from Bucharest City Card users! For this, please use our contact form in the website. Your suggestions and observations will makes us be better and offer the best for travellers.

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