Where to be found?

Start your trip by getting your city card and the map that guides you through the most interesting places and attractions of Bucharest.
Bucharest City Card will welcome you right at your arrival and be your guide for making the best of your trip, with less money.

There are three main channels through which you can get the card:
1. Right at your hotel/hostel. After check-in procedures, ask for your card and you will receive a complete set of card and city map for free. This is valid for all our partners.(See complete link) You can ask in advance at the hotel if they have the card. If they don’t, write us!

2. At the partner city tours. You can start your visit by taking one of the city tours listed on our site (link). You can start your visit with a Free walking tour of Bucharest, from Guided-Bucharest. This is the most appreciated walking tour of the city in Bucharest according to TripAdvisor and it works everyday at 10 AM and 6 PM.

3. Ask your card from us. Write us in advance using the contact form on our site. Let us know your date of arrival and the place where you are staying in Bucharest so we can send there for you the card. We need at least 24 hours in advance to bring the Bucharest City Card at your location.

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